Unprotected sex after depo provera in Berkshire

We may have to reschedule your appointment if we are concerned about risks, such as pregnancy. The injection contains progestogen. Condoms female.

Had my Depo shot on the 2nd of April and was supposed to go back on the 25th of Junebut didn't go. Some women get pregnant months after stopping. Read more about the diaphragm from NHS Choices. It also thins the womb lining so that it's less likely to accept a fertilised egg.

Natural Family Planning.

Unprotected sex after depo provera in Berkshire

The hormones in the pill prevent your ovaries from releasing an egg ovulating. If you get your next shots on time you do not need to wait the 7 days. Barrier methods such as condoms are a form of contraception that help to protect against sexually transmitted infections STIs as well as pregnancy.

Oral contraception. I'm really stressed. This is a free NHS service for repeat prescriptions. If it is unprotected sex after depo provera in Berkshire first depo shot and you did not switch from a different type of birth control then you are at risk of pregnancy if you did not wait 7 days.

By using condoms as well as the progestogen-only pill, you'll help to protect yourself against STIs. Back to top. On Monday i took my first shot of depo and my doc said i should wait for 7days before having sex

Unprotected sex after depo provera in Berkshire

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