Turtle sex position urban dictionary in St. Catharines

For an example of a sexual position, click 'random definition' a few times; you'll get the idea. Experiment, as one side usually gives better alignment than the other for any given pairing. TSIF Backpedaling This cannot be stressed enough as any rapid movement in the turtlefuck will make it unsuccessful.

There's no other way to explain it besides Turtle Sex.

Backpedaling Eee-o eleven Did you see John's turtle shell in class today? TSIF Lafundah: Oh he'll be latehe's having turtle sex again The result of this makes it almost leathery, and people say it looks like a turtle shell hence the name.

It was so arousing!

Turtle sex position urban dictionary in St. Catharines забавное

Ever see a turtle fuck? The penetrating partner kneels astride the receiver's lowermost leg, thus gaining access to either vagina or anus. Or, in ideal situations for a turtlefuck, there may be as many as live turtles in the immediate vicinity of the turtlefuck s. Military or construction worker slang for when one person slams his helmet on another persons helmet while on their head.

Eee-o eleven Also, there must be a song about turtles, a cartoon featuring turtles, or a large poster with a turtle on it. He kept telling me how hard he wanted to fuck me, but then he was like a turtlemoving so slow!

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Pimp Nails I then took a shower. UrbDic A good example is how most people believe the Teenage Ninja Turtles to be the result of some crazy radioactive shit and turtles.

Turtle sex position urban dictionary in St. Catharines

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