Same sex marriage is about equality not religion christianity in Salem

The couple exchange vows within their worshipping community. Retrieved 28 November The Journal encourages readers' comments. We will never know if the pastor's warning of godly condemnation toward those of us who advocate for same-sex marriage will come to fruition. In July,Charlie Craig and David Mullins went to Masterpiece Cakeshop, a small bakery in Lakewood, Colorado, to order a cake for their upcoming wedding reception.

Roger Parloff writes about law and business. Retrieved 28 April

same sex marriage is about equality not religion christianity in Salem

Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. Wikimedia Commons. The Church of England. But getting from "they're sinful" to "I don't want to serve them" is a step that escapes me.

Some congregations are merely non-discriminatory and LGBT-affirming while others are specifically oriented toward gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons.

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As a basic right provided by the Constitution, same-gender marriages should not be restricted to only specific locales in the nation. There is also a concern that religious people might be marginalized for their beliefs about marriage. But he's refused to budge. To confuse the civil institution of marriage with a religious institution to be protected by the government is to seriously misunderstand marriage and its relationship to government in the United States.

However, the more I tried to live with that conclusion, the more I realized the distinct possibility of civil unions being considered a status secondary to that of marriage. SBS News. There is a better way to proceed—a way that involves respect for opinions from gay and lesbian persons as well as from heterosexual individuals, a way that assures appreciation and respect both for religion and religious institutions as well as for those for whom religion holds no sway, and a way that is more consistent with the vision of this nation that birthed the guarantees of individual freedoms in the United States Constitution and guided the formation and development of our government.

I must admit also that I was continuing to give credibility to the idea that marriage always has been the prerogative of religious institutions.

Homosexuality and religion Transgender people and religion. The Constitution provides that equal protection of the laws shall be guaranteed to all citizens. Be Proactive. He is the th person shot in the city this year. You cannot get a tattoo even with parental consent if you are under His body was found behind a Winston-Salem apartment complex year-old shot to death in Winston-Salem on Wednesday.

Same sex marriage is about equality not religion christianity in Salem

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