Same sex marriage benefits economy in Bootle

But while 48 percent of different-sex couples claimed children as dependents on their tax returns inonly 28 percent of female-female couples did and only seven percent of male-male couples did, Brookings found. The introduction of marriage equality in Australia would also provide local businesses with revenue that would have otherwise been spent overseas.

Dividing household tasks among two partners also allows everyone to do more, Becker found.

World Sep Peter Martin was economics editor of The Age between and That's the so-called marriage penalty. Professor Kevin Davis from Monash University put it this way in response to the Economic Society survey: "There may be more expenditure on weddings etc, but there is no obvious reason this would not be at the expense of other expenditures.

Same-sex couples " pump money into state economies as they plan their weddings and celebrate their milestone," they found.

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They want their LGBT employees to be able to focus on their jobs, not on dealing with the stigma and inequality that creates problems for their families. It didn't start growing strongly again until Some of that delay is due to student loan debt, Manning said, which is causing millennials to put off everything from marriage to buying a home to having children.

It seems that it makes good economic sense to support marriage equality. This is because same-sex marriage, even where permitted, has been introduced only recently. Events Society going viral! Researchers have found that aside from granting same-sex couples the same rights, respect, recognition and benefits as heterosexual couples, legalising same-sex marriage has economic benefits in both the short and long term.

It would also allow foreign same-sex couples to travel to Australia to get married, further boosting the economy. For the pair, the day symbolised something more than a sweet ceremony and a big party: the acceptance of their love as a same-sex couple.

Same sex marriage benefits economy in Bootle

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