Ruby and sapphire steven universe sex fanfic in Naperville

She didn't know what to say, she obviously wasn't a stranger to the act of sex, because she had plenty of practice with Lapis, but did she see it as some sort of betrayal? The green gem reached out try the dance Garnet had attempted the first night they tried to fuse, but she quickly noticed the height difference wasn't going to make it easy.

Today, was a clean up type mission.

A Ruby returned from their failed recovery mission, explaining that the rest of her crew was left floating in space. Top of Work Index. The craving for a bowl full of Udon noodles often calls to me but Senor has never been overly excited to trek down to Tanpopo.

Ruby and sapphire steven universe sex fanfic in Naperville прощения

She softly pets the other gem's hair and peppers her face with kisses, while Ruby just lies panting and trying to remember who she is. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Garnet was found by Pearl and Rose shortly after forming. Steven and Connie first visit Homeworls throughout August.

Ruby pulled her fingers out with Peridot, licking her own clean before she took Peridot's hand and put her mouth over her 3 fingers, sucking on them until they were completely cleaned. The two short gems played king of the hill with Sapphire's clit, their tongues wrestling for ownership over the blue bundle of nerves, their tongues and heated breaths mingling while Sapphire enjoyed the ride.

A Sapphire! Their combined juices giving Peridot's core an icy-hot feel, a sensation that drove her to her own orgasm, one so powerful she felt like she was losing her sense of self. The show's finale was set during a Pride festival.

Ruby and sapphire steven universe sex fanfic in Naperville

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