Registered sex offenders in my area indiana in Wisconsin

All out of state offenders will be assigned a tier by the superior court after a motion is made by the AG's office requesting a tier. If you believe that any of the information contained in the registry is inaccurate, please send us your comments. When is the public notified? Positive identification of a person believed to be a sex offender cannot be established unless the offenders fingerprints are compared against the fingerprints taken at the time of arrest or incarceration.

Those who wrongfully use such information to harass an individual will be subject to prosecution. Conditions of Use: Registered sex offenders in my area indiana in Wisconsin This data is being provided on the Internet to make the information more easily available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual.

Dealing in children. What is the penalty if an offender fails to comply with the registration requirements? Individuals are included in the registry solely by virtue of their conviction record and state law. Rape 1st degree.

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Offenders convicted for sex offenses specified under Delaware Law are required to register. Conviction State. Copies of any professional licenses.

Telephone numbers, including home and cellular phone numbers. The scam caller tells the registrant the ONLY way the issue can be resolved is by buying a cash card or arranging a money transfer, citing the need for bail or a fine payment. If you have a reasonable belief that any of the information on this website is outdated or incorrect, please contact the Delaware State police Sex Offender Registry Unit at Under Delaware law, a "Sex Offender" means any person who has been convicted of any of the following offenses, or of any attempt to commit any of the following offenses:.

Registered sex offenders in my area indiana in Wisconsin

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