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Specific objectives for the next five years are provided below. Investing resources to reduce or prevent pollution from being generated in the first place is often a much more cost-effective means of improving the environment and avoiding environmental health problems than spending resources on regulation, treatment, storage, and disposal.

These efforts should plan nacional de desarrollo sexenio de ernesto zedillo in Arkansas key stakeholders such as community residents, healthrcare providers, academic institutions, trade groups, unions and other nongovernmental groups. Forest and woodlands are important components of the border ecosystem, which contribute greatly to sustainability of the area.

Establish mechanisms for increasing the base of scientific knowledge to support improved protection and management of natural resources. The Air Workgroup is exploring the development of a subgroup on Fuel Use Strategies to review ongoing efforts and make recommendations on ways to promote energy efficiency and the increased use of renewable energy sources.

Another relevant challenge we face is to communicate to border citizens the importance and necessity of wise management to ensure the sustainability of natural resources. New workgroups may be added in the future should the need arise on a specific environmental concern. Ak Air quality is of particular concern in the region's urban areas.

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The illegal extraction of wild flora species, such as cacti, and the introduction of exotic species that alter natural habitat are ongoing problems in both countries. This will enable the two governments to detect gaps, inconsistencies, and regional disparities in Program implementation and guide development of future Annual Implementation Plans accordingly.

The two governments will also look at environmental indicators which will serve as fundamental tools for measuring whether environmental policy is addressing the most urgent border environmental problems. Water Members of the California-Baja California community and both governments view resolution of water pollution problems and their effects on human and natural populations as a high priority.

Twelve monitoring sites are currently operating in San Diego. Con esto, queremos af ianzar nuestro compromiso con el medio ambiente, los recursos naturales y el bienestar de la problacion de la region. Plan nacional de desarrollo sexenio de ernesto zedillo in Arkansas can be accomplished through education, training, and by involving various disciplines in the design and implementation of these activities.

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Organization of the Border XXI Framework Document This Border XXI Framework Document identifies general environmental objectives for the border region through the year , and describes mechanisms and strategies for fulfilling these objectives. While not all transportation issues are within the scope of Border XXI, the Program will consider specific environmental impacts related to transportation issues through the Border XXI Workgroups.

The Environmental Information Resources Workgroup will build on recent binational attempts to improve environmental data collection and management efforts in the border region. In identifying borderwide concerns and objectives, this chapter presents a broader context which serves as the underpinning for the geographic chapters which follow with more specific regional objectives.

As they are developed, environmental indicators will be used to measure progress and will be incorporated into the Biennial Progress Reports.

Plan nacional de desarrollo sexenio de ernesto zedillo in Arkansas

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