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In his farewell visit to the Abbey, after he had parted with the possession of it, he passed some time in this grove, in no sex causes bad eyes illusion in Abbotsford with his sister; and as a last memento, engraved their names on the bark of a tree.

We had not walked much further before we saw the two Miss Scotts advancing along the hillside to meet us. As we ascended the glen, the prospects opened upon us; Melrose, with its towers and pinnacles, lay below; beyond were the Eildon hills, the Cowden Knowes, the Tweed, the Galla Water, and all the storied vicinity; the whole landscape varied by gleams of sunshine and driving showers.

If you are happy, there they are to share your happiness—and if you are otherwise—there they are to comfort you. He lived at a small farm on the hillside above Abbotsford, and was treated by Scott as a cherished and confidential friend, rather than a dependent.

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There was no guest at dinner but myself. Lauckie knew nothing of the world beyond his neighborhood. No tale was too wild or too monstrous for vulgar belief. His residence at the Abbey, however, was fitful and uncertain. The conversation happening to turn on the merits of his dogs, Scott spoke with great feeling and affection of his favorite, Camp, who is depicted by his side in the earlier engravings of him.

His grandmother and aunts were well versed in that kind of lore, so current in Scottish country life.

No sex causes bad eyes illusion in Abbotsford

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