Matched cassia and ky sex fanfics in Delta

For some reason, it was harder to say that then than it ever had been. Feeling my brow pucker, I reach up to put a gentle hand on his cheek. Even thinking about pregnancy makes me uncomfortable, but who says the Society hadn't been…drugging us? So when Ky and I begin rotating in a circle, I have a slight idea what we're doing.

We sink to the ground and proceed to make a small fire, and as soon as its orange flame was dancing light across the ground, Ky picks up a stick and begins tracing words into the dirt. I understand matched cassia and ky sex fanfics in Delta not doing much better today, but we're…we're so young.

Ky buries his face in my hair and kisses the nape of my neck. Part of me worried for their safety, not being able to keep an eye on them at all times, but the other part of me isn't worried. Ky lets out a surprised laugh that bubbles into my mouth and broke away.

It wasn't expected, not any of this.

Matched cassia and ky sex fanfics in Delta спасибо

And so will Xander. Ky has his eyelids closed and touches my face with gentle fingers, tracing my cheekbones and the line of my jaw and my lips. Ky buries his face in my hair and kisses the nape of my neck.

Ky's eyes twinkle brighter than the stars above us and he wiggles his fingers on my hips. You used to be able to choose who you fell for, but the idea of control was too tempting.

Ky's own happy smile automatically disappears when he sees my reaction. And I wish that I did not have to tell him this lie, when he knows more of my truth than anyone else in the world. Close Working However, with her happiness and newfound voice on the line That would still be a cringe-worthy thing to say about, say, the Congo, but at least it would have a basis in the dominant narrative about the country.

Matched cassia and ky sex fanfics in Delta

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  • Fanfiction. What happens when Ky and Cassia sneak away from all the madness​? Not like the rich chocolate cake at my Matching Ceremony. It tastes good in. Oneshot of what happened when Ky and Cassia snuck away under the It's wrong to even look at the opposite sex before you're matched.
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  • Rated: Fiction T - English - Xander C., Ky M. - Words: 3, - Reviews: contain a third member as well, usually someone of the opposite sex. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.
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