Masters of sex episode recap in Salt Lake City

That is, until the old man shows up and scares them off. At a dinner with Sansa, Roose and Walda, Ramsay torments both Theon and Sansa by forcing Theon to serve the group and, in front of everyone, apologize to Sansa for murdering Bran and Rickon, which she still believes he did. Sansa is secretly delighted.

Theon tries to persuade her that she should obey Ramsay or else things will only get worse, but Sansa is undeterred. Avenge them.

At first, Roose is infuriated that Ramsay has both physically and psychologically tortured Theon, who Roose sees as a valuable hostage. Episode 10 Through a Glass, Darkly. Libby is forced to masters of sex episode recap in Salt Lake City memories of Robert, who was killed after being run over by a sleeping driver in Here, it intersects.

Masters of Sex recap: Story of My Life. Betty and Helen, after deciding they want a child, begin looking for sperm donors. Libby apologizes to Paul for revealing Joy's true feelings.

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Rather her moment of doubt comes as she begins to labor—attempting to be present for the delivery in a manner she never was for her other children. Libby is taking charge. Episode 6 Family Only. And for once Bill is miraculously there, finally sensitive to her needs.

Episode 10 Fallout. Quote of the week "That's the sort of sex you have when you're married or on your honeymoon — or with a prostitute. S2 E10 Recap.

When the battle is over, Brienne finds a defeated Stannis in the forest and dutifully executes him for the crimes he committed against her king. Bran then finally meets the human embodiment of the three-eyed raven that he has been dreaming about since season 1, an old man entwined with the roots of the giant weirwood tree.

Later, Jaime joins Brienne in the bathhouse and tells her his side of the story behind his nickname, Kingslayer.

Masters of sex episode recap in Salt Lake City

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