Jack dempsey cichlid sex identification in Wiluna

It should be noted here that there is a second coloration type of Jack Dempsey which is the electric blue. Regular maintenance of your aquarium, however, will prevent these. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

jack dempsey cichlid sex identification in Wiluna

Besides having a specific interest in sexing them, the choice of the Jack Dempsey for this explanation is because JDs have very obvious visual distinctions between genders, but at the jack dempsey cichlid sex identification in Wiluna time exceptions, where these differences are more subtle.

As they are hardy fish that can tolerate water parameter fluctuations well, there is generally no need for elaborate acclimatization such as the drip method. Though not foolproof, males will usually develop a sometimes subtle bulge near their crown known as a nuchal hump, while females will develop a bulge in their belly as they mature and become loaded with eggs.

The coloration of a Jack Dempsey will change as the fish matures.

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There are many options for feeding them in a home aquarium. My make is almost double the size of my female. He stopped eating over a month ago! Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. The problems start when you keep a group or mix them with other species. Females lay approximately eggs per clutch onto the substrate.

Instead some people pair them with ordinary JDs and sell some as "blue gene jack dempseys" which just look ordinary. The Electric Blue variation and the Pinkish Electric Blue variation seem to have a smaller maximum size, and they jack dempsey cichlid sex identification in Wiluna usually not as aggressive.

The vent of a male is thin and oval-shaped, while the vent of a female is fat and triangular-shaped. Carl Broadbent. Below is a rough guide to basic requirements of the Jack Dempsey rocio octofasciata for you to peruse including minimum tank size and the type of environment they need.

The truth, however, about this species is that the majority do not live up to the reputation that lingers with them. Everyday is a school day in this hobby. Jack Dempsey Photo Credits Outlierforlife.

Jack dempsey cichlid sex identification in Wiluna

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