I was wrong about same sex marriage in Девонпорт

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James, I will take your fictitious dilemma more seriously when you and other members who think as you do rally to take away the rights of promiscuous heterosexuals to marry as well. Another reason I feel badly misrepresented by this is that I very seriously accept the prophetic injunction to keep the law of chastity, and I express this in the way I live my life.

Or would you rather insult me again instead in the absence of such an explanation? It naturally tends to create families. Now, Church history provides a similar case at the nexus of doctrine and policy that might be instructive. If you cannot give a meaningful example of such, you believe in prophetic infallibility, which is fine, but not what I was wrong about same sex marriage in Девонпорт claim to believe.

I think RAF is correct in stating that the opposition to same sex marriage is not binding upon church members, in perhaps the same way that chastity is.

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By the time prop 8 came around I was living in Indiana, but my views had evolved substantially. Ray: Your approach would be too burdensome from an administrative point of view. I have had all sorts of paradigm shifts in my short life, and as I said in my posts, I genuinely want to understand.

First, we in the Christian community need to apologize for the way we have interacted with the LGBT community. Plus I enjoy seeing my friends be settled and happily contributing. Some of us would rather try to understand than insult.

Aitken cites a precept about sex which Zen Buddhists inherit from earlier classical Buddhists teachings. Aitken explains that by applying the Four Noble Abodes loving kindness, compassion, joy in the attainment of others, and equanimity to the issue of same-sex marriage, he finds compassion for and with the gay or lesbian couple who wish to confirm their love in a legal marriage.

Conservative Mennonite Conference. In March , Barack Obama was the first U.

I was wrong about same sex marriage in Девонпорт

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