How sex changed the world full episode in Port Hedland

David Stafford. Nick Crane investigates evidence that a devastating tsunami hit years ago, and finds out why scientists planning a trip to Mars find the local landscape a surprisingly good stand-in for the red planet's surface.

Wang a free place to live while he decides his next move. Manufacturers were becoming more cautious about putting up more factories. Parents Guide. Neil Oliver takes part in an aerial dogfight to discover why a Nazi flying ace landed his top-secret new plane on Welsh tarmac at the height of the Second World War.

how sex changed the world full episode in Port Hedland

Xanthe Mallett goes on patrol with Australian Customs and Fisheries to hunt for killer ghost nets. Phil 5. In the pristine Kimberley of Western Australia Neil Oliver discovers Broome's dark pearling history and the delicate science of their cultivation.

How sex changed the world full episode in Port Hedland это

A second series was commissioned and began airing in Australia how sex changed the world full episode in Port Hedland 12 Januaryand on 2 April in Britain. Finally, Xanthe Mallett delves into the violent history of whaling, and the legacy that helped build a colony. On the sea cliffs that surround Ramsey Islandbiologist Sarah Beynon hunts for the superheroes of the insect world who do the island's dirty work, the dung beetles.

Alice Roberts re-lives the glamour days of the hovercraft and on the Isle of Wight, we go in search of dinosaur footprints, which prove the island has been on an epic voyage heading north from tropical climes million years ago. The crane lurched to one side, stopped disgorging iron ore, rumbled sideways to a position over a different hold, near the middle of the vessel, and resumed pouring.

Series 4 reintroduced the circular element, starting at Whitstable and ending at Hullthough with visits to Ireland, Normandyand Norway included as well. Season 1, Episode 2.

  • Sex is powerful force of nature and for some; it's like the end of world.
  • Previous Episode. These are the surprising stories behind how scientists, the government and even the judicial system have harnessed sex to change world history: from covert experimental CIA orgies to the Middle Ages' "honest woman" test to verify bedroom activity and even the "cure" for female hysteria.
  • How Sex Changed the World is a television show that presents historical anecdotes about times when sex or sexual influences have made a significant impact on human history.

As with the previous series, the name Coast and Beyond is retained — helping to signify that the journey takes in coastlines outside the British Isles. Meanwhile, Dick Strawbridge discovers how Middlesbrough's iconic Transporter Bridge put the town on the map, and Miranda Krestovnikoff learns about the kittiwake.

Alice Roberts learns how to be a seaside landlady in Margate , and Neil Oliver tells the story of British forces' efforts to stop Hitler's biggest battleships reaching the coast of Kent during the Second World War. Mark Horton digs into the seafaring history of London and Neil Oliver re-creates a remarkable cricket match.

The show is presented by Neil Oliver who is joined by several local New Zealand experts. From Ancient Roman battalions to seductive spies to how soldiers spent their down time

How sex changed the world full episode in Port Hedland

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