Healthcare for sex workers in City of London

Canadian sex workers weigh the costs and benefits of disclosing their occupational status to health providers. Taking project workers and sex workers together, 15 commented on the number, type and accents of the voices included on the tape. In Caine, B. Am J Epidemiol. Search all BMC articles Search.

Fem Criminol. Quantitative findings were limited by high heterogeneity in the meta-analysis for some outcomes and insufficient data to conduct meta-analyses for others, as well as variable sample size and study quality.

healthcare for sex workers in City of London

I found that Changes in funding and policing are thought to have healthcare for sex workers in City of London significant effects on service provision, however this only scratches the surface as to the issues both service providers and sex workers face.

Links may be included in your comments but HTML is not permitted. Ilford Recorder [Internet]. The views and opinions expressed on this site are solely those of the original authors. Directory of Services — Services for Sex Workers. Key points Female street sex workers often have a history of childhood trauma, relating to sexual abuse and abandonment The lasting effects of childhood trauma can limit life choices and healthcare for sex workers in City of London to poor physical and mental health Female street sex workers are often trapped in a cycle of sexual abuse and substance misuse Social exclusion and discrimination can prevent female street sex workers from accessing appropriate health and social support Nurses need to understand what forces women into street sex work to be able to meet the their health needs.

Fast Facts. This made the identification of open and available services challenging, which also highlights the potential difficulty sex workers themselves may face in easily and quickly identifying available services. Correlates of engaging in survival sex among homeless youth and young adults.

Healthcare for sex workers in City of London

She felt helpless, but also guilty about her substance misuse. These drugs included cocaine, crack cocaine a smokable form of cocaineheroin, methadone a substitute drug for opiates such as heroin and alcohol. Archives of General Psychiatry ; 5, Vulnerability and involvement in drug use and sex work.

Their lived experiences highlighted how engaging in substance misuse to cope with trauma in childhood and adolescence had implications for their health and wellbeing as an adult. Reprod Health Matters ;16 31 The Guardian [Internet]. Bristol: The Policy Press.

  • Nurses need to understand what forces women into street sex work if they are to meet the physical and mental health needs of this disadvantaged group. This article comes with a handout for a journal club discussion.
  • Persons who exchange sex are at increased risk of getting or transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases STDs because they are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors e.
  • Access and engagement with healthcare among vulnerable groups is a particular interest of mine.
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Experienced stigma The participants complained that health care providers, especially those from the public health sector, hold negative and discriminatory attitudes towards them. Police presence reported to affect where sex workers worked. Qual Health Res. Four project workers again suggested that the voices and accents represented were limited.

To examine how the decriminalisation of sex work impacts on violence risk management.

Healthcare for sex workers in City of London

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