Cross sex hormone therapy in Victoria

Stage 2 results in the development of physical characteristics which are compatible with your gender identity such as facial hair and muscle growth for those taking testosterone and breast development and reduced visibility of body hair for those taking estrogen.

Protocols for the provision of hormone therapy. Testosterone therapy is highly effective at masculinising external appearance.

Sometimes, the clitoris enlarges and the voice may deepen to some extent. There are many unanswered questions and more good quality medical research is needed to provide evidence-based care. The goal of hormone therapy is to keep the hormones within the normal, physiologic ranges.

Transgender Cross Sex Hormones. How long does a person continue hormone therapy? Register for free and gain unlimited access cross sex hormone therapy in Victoria. Individuals should be aware that some effects of hormones are irreversible, such as voice deepening with testosterone treatment and that every treatment carries some risks.

Login Register. The decision to continue or discontinue hormones is entirely up to the individual.

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Cross-sex hormone therapy is given once an individual has a clear understanding and appreciation of the facts, implications cross sex hormone therapy in Victoria future consequences of treatment otherwise known as informed consent. Transitioning is a stressful experience as a person negotiates relationships with family members, significant others, and coworkers and learns to live in the world as their affirmed gender.

It is not possible to tailor a hormone regimen to produce some changes and not others, or to minimize some changes and maximize others. Some transgender people may wish to transition to an alternate sex, but others may not, and the degree of transition varies from one individual to another.

Some useful links for those under 18 years of age.

Gender diversity is no longer considered a mental health disorder, and new pathways of care have been developed. J Clin Endocrinol Metab ; 11 — There are insufficient data regarding the long term effects of hormonal therapy on cardiovascular outcomes.

Preferred methods depend on hair colour and site, with advice best provided by hair removal professionals.

Cross sex hormone therapy in Victoria

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