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The German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 9 January promised tougher action and measures against criminals of foreign nationality, [65] and on 11 January she reacted on the sex attacks saying: "Refugees are coming to Europe and we are vulnerable, as we see … ". Many experiments have been carried out to isolate such scents in order to determine their chemical makeup.

Retrieved 17 January On Saturday, 2 January, at h, the Cologne police in a new press release reported the harassment incidents: nearly 30 criminal notifications of attacks and robberies on women, in some cases indecently touching of women, according to witnesses bekannt machen damen sex worms in High Point groups of men with "north-African appearance".

See: "Der Pressekodex.

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The free alcohol was reduced to a known substance, cetyl alcohol, which was unambiguously identified. Retrieved 28 March On 5 Januarythe Hamburg police were aware of 13 women having reported to have been sexually assaulted in the New Year's Night, [37] and that day — possibly incited by the news from Cologne the previous day, as a political scientist suggested [30] — a spokesman of the Hamburger police announced that in Hamburg 's pleasure quarter St.

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Retrieved 14 March They are floating in royal jelly. She screamed and wept. By 14 January , according to a report of the Minister of Justice in North Rhine-Westphalia , five suspicions of sexual insults in Dortmund in the New Year's Eve had been registered.

Most of the assaults in Cologne took place on the plaza between central railway station left and cathedral.

Bekannt machen damen sex worms in High Point

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